LabelRite™ is the only removable label film that is OEM-approved for direct application to automotive painted surfaces and appliances. LabelRite™ uses the same technology as our Autowrap® paint protection transit film.

Technology that yields several advantages over conventional label stock material:

  • Resists UV, rain, snow and heat
  • Can be applied to newly painted surfaces and removes cleanly and easily, even after one year application – indoors or outdoors.

Conventional removable labels can damage paint, leaving adhesive residue. LabelRite won't. Conventional removable labels can be difficult to remove. LabelRite is specially designed for easy, one-piece removal. LabelRite™ accepts Thermal Transfer, color printing, Flexographic printing and a variety of ink systems. Use it in assembly to track inventory, in transport to track vehicles, in storage for easy recognition... then remove cleanly and easily.


LabelRite 4114 label stock is a 100 micron UV-stable polyolefin film applied to a 50# SCK paper liner.
Is suggested for automotive and appliance paints, polycarbonate (coated or non-coated), glass, defect marking and metals.
Adhesion level:
medium tack